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I decided today was a semi-meaningful post.. so mostly just a gay post. Surprise there?!

First I just want to celebrate how amazing the art I find at JMU is. I love art. Who doesn't? Don't answer that if you don't, because if you don't love art then I don't love you.

It's funny because there are so many views on why art is important to people. Some people do it because they want to get things out of themselves. Some people do it because they want to help others get something from them. Some do it for both. Some see art as flexible and ever-changing, but some have distinct opinions on what exactly constitutes as the "best" kind.

I wish I could draw.

There, I said it! I'm good at almost everything else. (Sorry bout it.) But I literally SUCK at drawing. Probably painting too, I've never really tried it. I can sing, I can act, I can write... I mean, I can even kind of dance. I guess we all have our flaws. Also, if I was really good at drawing I might be like Superbad. I'd love to draw outrageous, ridiculous drawings of things that are totally inappropriate. I already write and talk about them enough... so maybe it's by the grace of God that I suck at it.

But it's so relieving (sometimes in a bad way) to be around so many (fairly) normal people who also get out their emotional drives and needs in their artistic endeavors. It's not a crazy closeted school where you only know 200 people and everyone hates each other. It's not so progressive that everyone keeps trying to one-up the other at being the most "modern" (well, usually) and JMU seems to have an appreciation for all kinds of art. Even the bad kinds. Perhaps especially the bad kinds. The art that isn't successful except in how many people are learning things.

Second I want to celebrate learning about things.

But this one not so much in JMU classrooms. Fuck JMU learning. Besides learning about art (usually by failing at it), it usually sucks. I hear psychology is alright and yeah I know a few pretty good nurses. Anything else? Gay. Every single GenEd I've ever had has been an absolute waste of my fucking time. If you really want to learn about biology or nuclear physics or english literature (actually I have no clue if we have a good english program or not but I assume not obviously) go somewhere else.

What is JMU good for besides art in my opinion? People. It has some of the most interesting and amazing people I have ever met. I listed a lot of them in my last gay post (I mean they're all pretty gay, but it's the last one), and maybe the people at every college are amazing, but I just don't know. I have a lot of friends who go to other colleges and I just don't know how amazing I find them. Sorry bout it.

The difference in college and high school that I've found is that it's not just one or two people that are amazing. It's a bunch. A lot of them I don't really even know or even want to get to know, but I still think they're great people. It's a learning process and journey I'm getting at this school that a lot of people don't other places. Like going to Med School. How do you ever find time to devote to relationships and learning about them? You don't. That's why you have so many fucked up ones later.

UVA/William&Mary. You learn that only people with a better education/intellect are worthwhile. Also fucked up. I don't know very many people form those schools who aren't pressed on the nuts of things that don't even have a brain. JMU is stupid. People drink too much and there is an absurd amount of STDs rampant on DHall's floors and in the stacks of Carrier. You know what though? It's because people aren't afraid to let it happen. Sure, some of the shit that does happen is so stupid that you want to kill the person and their mother.

But I will always appreciate a genuine soul. Even if it's that douchebag in the corner of the party with his tilted hat and his stupid large polo. Or that gay Ed Hardy kid who likes to fake to everyone that he's straight but goes tanning during the winter. Oh right. Those aren't genuine souls. Well, JMU rocks regardless. We have some douchebags, stupid people, and a surprisingly large amount of closeted gays.. but we also have the largest amount of genuine, semi-smart bitches who I can totally get along with. And I love it. I'm so excited for senior year and figuring my life out. No matter what happens, I will not let the last year be the worst one.

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